Enterprise 11: Windows Server Essential Media Pack configuration

If you are using the Image Recognition command to create or run your bots on Windows Server machines, install the Windows Server Essential Media Pack.

Without the Media Foundation feature enabled on Windows Server machines, an error occurs when clicking Quick Test in Image Recognition command. The error message is Unable to load DLL Automation.ImageAlgorithm.dll.
Note: Selecting Media Foundation manually is required because media files and updates are not installed automatically on machines that have server-based operating systems.
To select/enable the media files follow the procedure described below:


  1. Download and install the Windows Essential Media Pack from Microsoft.
    Double-click the Windows Essential Media Pack installation .exe file and follow the wizard.
  2. Open the Windows Server Manager.
  3. Select Server Roles > Windows Server Essentials Experience.
    This adds the Windows Server Essentials Experience role. This role is required to enable Media Foundation.
    The specific tab selection could vary depending on your Windows Server version.
  4. Select Features > Media Foundation.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Restart the machine for the changes to take effect.