Enterprise 11 client prerequisites

Verify the machine and configuration you are using to install the Enterprise Client.

The Enterprise Client is installed on any device running the supported operating system. This can be a physical or virtual machine. It can be installed on the same server as the Control Room although typically installation is on separate machines.

Note: Install the Control Room before you install the Enterprise Client.
Hardware requirements
The Control Room is deployed on servers in data centers. The Enterprise Client is deployed on any device that runs the supported operating system. The minimum Automation Anywhere hardware requirements include: server, machine, processor, RAM, disk storage, and network.
Operating system and platform compatibility in Enterprise 11
Control Room and Enterprise Client both are installed on machines with supported operating systems. The Control Room and Enterprise Client tables list the supported Windows versions.
Dependencies for supported services
Control Room and Enterprise Client have additional third party requirements depending upon the Automation Anywhere Enterprise options you choose. Some are optionally installed with Automation Anywhere Enterprise deployment. Some require an Automation Anywhere specific plug-in.
Enterprise 11 credential requirements
Login credentials are required at different stages of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise deployment and use. Credentials are required for installation and data center servers, access to Automation Anywhere Enterprise components, and to run tools in bots.
Version compatibility matrix
Before you install or upgrade, verify the compatibility of your Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client versions.