Using Delay setting

Use the Delay setting to add a timed delay in the Task Bot or MetaBot logic. You can introduce a delay between operations within a bot. In the Object Cloning command, Delay is used in the Set Text action.

When you use the Delay setting with the Set Text action, the next step in the Task Bot/MetaBot logic is delayed. You should specify whether to delay for a specific time period or for a randomized time period based on a range.

As a best practice, configure Delay = 0 so that the Set Text action accesses the Control Properties and captures the text accordingly. Delays are dependent on the type of application and its operating system responses. Use the Delay setting if the Text Box performs back-end processes such as JavaScript so that the keystrokes will be created after the specified delay.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise provides keystrokes to the operating system, which in turn passes them to the application. The application relays the keystrokes to the control. If some of the keystrokes are not sent, the application might be slow to respond because the control, application, and the operating system will not be ready to accept the keystrokes. Ensure that you set the delay accordingly so that the application accepts the keystrokes in tandem.

Configure Set Text without Delay if the Text Box function does not perform back-end processes such as JavaScript.

If you configure a delay of more than 0, the action does not change the property but it creates keystrokes.