Setting a Wait Time for Conditions

Delays command execution for specified time to wait for a condition to be true.

Many of the IF/ELSE commands enable users to specify how long to wait for a condition to become true. If the How long would you like to wait...? field is left empty, or a 0 (zero) is entered, the IF/ELSE command will execute immediately. The following commands have a wait time setting:
  • File exists
  • Folder exists
  • Window exists
  • Application running
  • Ping successful
  • File size
  • File date
  • Web control
To set a wait time for a condition, follow these steps:


  1. Select IF and a command.
  2. Type the maximum time in seconds to wait for the condition.
    If the condition is fulfilled within the maximum wait time, the command will execute.
    If the condition is not fulfilled, the command is skipped and the actions following ENDIF are run.
    Note: If 'Secure Recording mode' is enabled, images and values are not captured.