Manage Credential Vault mode

Use the Credential Vault API to manage the Credentail Vault mode. As a user with the AAE_Admin role, you can retrieve the mode or configure it after restarting the Control Room.

Retrieve current Credential Vault mode

GET http://<your_control_room_url>/v2/credentialvault/mode

Response: The possible values are Express or Custom.

  "name": "Express/Custom"

Update Credential Vault mode after Control Room restart

PUT http://<your_control_room_url>/v2/credentialvault/mode

Body parameters: This request body example includes a field to update the Credential Vault mode and a field to provide the Private key if the connection mode is currently set to manual.

Field Required Description
name Required Updates the mode. Possible values: Express or Custom
privateKey Required if current mode is custom Unlocks the Credential Vault using the private key that was generated after Control Room installation. See Generate Private/Public key pair


204 Mode has been successfully set