Analyze migration status

Analyze the results after the migration process completes to track missing or incomplete data and decide if the migration process must be rerun.

Before you begin

Ensure the migration process is successfully completed before you analyze the results.

During the first migration run, the entities related to Control Room settings, for example, the mail server configuration, email notification, and client configuration are migrated automatically.

The Migration Details page shows the status and the corresponding reasons for the status of each entity (roles, users, bots, schedules, history, and credentials) selected for migration. The status of an entity is Success, Skipped, or Failed.

  • Analyzing the Success details helps to understand how the data was successfully migrated. For example, if a user or role already exists in v11.x.x, then, migration of that user or role shows a Success status. However, the migrated user or role is renamed with the suffix _1. The existing entity is not modified in v11.x.x.
  • Analyzing the Skipped details helps to understand if the entity must be included in the next migration run. For example, if you select a bot from 10.x that has the same name in 11.x.x, the bot and the corresponding schedules are skipped. Make the required changes to include it in the next migration run.
  • Analyzing the Failed details helps to understand the configuration changes required to ensure that the entity is migrated in the next run. For example, password-protected bots and schedules are not supported in 11.3.x and they cannot be migrated.

After you finish

You can now complete the post-migration activities.