Set Timeout

Specify the amount of time before the task will be canceled automatically.

If a task does not complete within the specified time, it will be automatically canceled. Once a task times out, any downstream tasks (the tasks in queue) can run smoothly.
Note: Timeout for a task is not applicable for the following:
  • When a task is manually paused.
  • If the task is run in Debug mode.
  • If the task is called through Run Task.
  • When a low priority task is suspended and is resumed after completion of a high priority task.
  • When first task in a process is paused, additional tasks are canceled and first task is resumed.
To set the timeout for a particular task, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Select the task from the list.
  2. Click the PROPERTIES tab.
    Note: See historic and detailed status of a timed out task by clicking on View Log in General→Properties for the specified task.
  3. Enter the timeout period, in minutes.
    Range of the Timeout is from 0 minute to 9999 minutes.