Enterprise 11: create a role

You can define a role and assign permissions to access various features of the Control Room. Only an admin or Control Room user with roles permission can assign roles to users and provide access to them for various features and operations.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
  2. Click Create Role.
  3. Enter the name and description for the role.
  4. In the FEATURES tab, select the required features and permissions that are relevant to the role you are creating.

    For the available permissions for each feature, see Enterprise 11: Feature permissions for a role.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Optional: In the Bots tab, assign the permissions with respect to Task Bots and MetaBots.
    Note: The Bots tab is visible only if View my bots permission is selected in the Features tab. See Enterprise 11: Bot permissions for a role.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the DEVICES tab, select the devices your role will have access to.
    A non-admin user has access to Bot Runners that are tagged to user's role.
  9. In the USERS tab, assign your role to the existing users and click the arrow pointing to right.
    Users deactivated by the Admin cannot be selected.
    Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about other users if you want to assign them the role.
    Tip: You can select multiple users for your role in the Users tab. This allows more than one user to be assigned the same role at a time, which reduces effort, unlike the Users landing page.
  10. Optional: In the SECURITY tab, select the Require Two Factor Authentication check box to enable 2FA.
    Note: Two Factor Authentication is disabled by default. See Enabling Two-factor authentication.
  11. Click Create role.