Setting User Access Control and Data Execution Prevention

In some cases, UAC and DEP settings might need to be modified.

To ensure smooth operation on machines that run on OS Windows Vista and above, follow these steps:
  • Check to see whether User Access Control (UAC) is turned on for the computer that is running Automation Anywhere:.
  • On the Windows desktop, select on Start→Control Panel→User Accounts→Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Set Never Notify.
  • Add Automation Anywhere to the list of exceptions under Data Execution Protection (DEP).
  • On the Windows desktop, select on Start→Control Panel→System→Advanced System Settings.
  • On the Advanced tab, click the Settings button.
  • Click on the tab Data Execution Prevention and select the option Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
  • Click on the Add button, and add the Automation Anywhere.exe (Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere) folder to the list.
  • Click Apply and then click OK.
  • Reboot the computer to ensure that the new settings take effect.