Using Citrix XenDesktop

A Citrix XenDesktop is one of the supported platforms for installing Enterprise Client or Bot Agent. Install the Enterprise Client or Bot Agent on a Citrix XenDesktop virtual machine to create or run bots using applications that reside on that Citrix XenDesktop.


Ensure the required components are installed on the local Enterprise Client or Bot Agent machine and the remote Citrix server. The required components are:

On the local machine, install the
Citrix Receiver
Install this on every machine you use to connect to a Citrix server.
On the Citrix XenDesktop, install the
Enterprise Client
Install this on the Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktop.
The Citrix XenDesktop is a virtual machine sitting on a remote Citrix server. It contains the applications to be used for the bots.

The following drawing shows the process flow when the Enterprise Client is installed on a Citrix XenDesktop with the applications on the virtual desktop.

Create bot using Citrix XenDesktop

The Enterprise Client can be installed on multiple platforms, this includes Citrix XenDesktop virtual machine. Ensure the virtual desktop meets the requirements for any Enterprise Client installation.

Create bots with Citrix XenDesktop.


  1. Prepare for bot activities.
    1. Install Citrix Receiver on your local machine.
    2. Install Enterprise Client on Citrix XenDesktop.
  2. From your local machine with Citrix Receiver installed, login and open the Citrix server > Citrix StoreFront.
  3. Select Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktop with the Enterprise Client.
    The whole Citrix XenDesktop is presented as a local virtual desktop on your local machine. This is automatic when your start the Citrix XenDesktop.
  4. From the virtual desktop launch Enterprise Client that is installed on the Citrix XenDesktop or launch a browser and login to the Control Room.
  5. From your Enterprise Client or Control Room, create the bot.