Enterprise 11: View automation of a queue

Use the View activity in progress page to Pause, Resume, or Stop an in-progress automation.


Permissions required:
  1. AAE_Queue Admin role
  2. Queue Consumer or Queue Participant rights
  3. Manage everyone's In progress activity feature permission


  1. Go to WorkloadQueues
  2. Hover over a queue with status In use
  3. Click the vertical ellipsis button
    This launches the In progressView activity in progress page where you can Pause/Resume or Stop the automation.
    Note: Although this page is accessible from the Workload module, the page is launched from Activity module. However, you cannot Pause/Resume or Stop actions directly from the Activity > In progress page. For these actions, the Workload > Queues > View automation action is used.
    • Click the Pause button
      The system will pause distributing work items from this queue to available bot runners in the device pool.
      Note: Until you resume this automation, any work items with Ready to Run status from this queue are not sent for processing.
    • Click the Resume button.

      The system will start distributing the work items from this queue.

    • Click the Stop button

      The system stops distributing the work items from the queue associated with this automation.

  4. Select any of the following option in the message
    • Click Accept to return to the Queues page.
    • Click Cancel to return to the In progress page.

Next steps

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