Version Release Notes

New features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations introduced in Version of Automation Anywhere components Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

New features

There are no new features listed for Enterprise Client in this version.

There are no new features listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room new features
Feature Description
IQ Bot compatibility

Automation Anywhere Control Room Version is not compatible with Version 6.0.

Automation Anywhere Control Room Version is compatible with IQ Bot Version 6.0.1.

Changed features

There are no changed features listed for this version.

Fixed features

There are no fixed features listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
130112, 140268 A Control Room node setup in High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) environment now launches successfully.
59526 The actions Run and Schedule are now working in Control Room configured in a multi-domain environment.
128817 Inserting a work item using the Insert WorkItem API now returns an appropriate response and is also shown in the list of work items in a Queue.
126954,128309 Bot migration of bots in a Control Room configured for SVN is successful.
121935 Enterprise Client connection to a Control Room configured for load balancing does not fail while the web page is loading on one of the nodes when the message "Server not coming up. So exiting!" was displayed.
Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
- If the user enables Send email Notification on completion of task and also enables "Include Go Green message" check box from Tools > Options > Email Settings, then Go Green message will now be displayed in email notification when task is finished.
57954 The Watch variable window now displays all the array values as the counter updates through the rows.
104275 When the user upgrades the Client in Windows 10 from 10.x to 11.x, the Auto Login function scheduled from Control Room now works successfully even under lock condition.
71957 In Insert Keystroke command, when the internal delay is configured using ALT GR DOWN/UP, then the value now saves correctly as inserted.
69699 The Insert Keystroke command now works properly on Internet Explorer using German keyboard. It does not skips the letters/alphabets after using ALT GR UP/DOWN combination.
88064, 95878 In PDF Integration command, users can now extract text and Form Field data from all pages of the PDF file.
103817 In Web Recorder, the Download file command now downloads the file properly without the Automation Anywhere player being hung.
84520 In the Variable Operation command, the Task Editor now displays the correct variable values for the special characters.


In Workbench, when the Object Cloning is carried out to obtain the property value of text like St. Peter, then it captures the entire string after "." properly regardless of the capital/small letter of immediate word.
80552 An Excel file is not saved in the documents folder when opened in Read Only mode using the Open Spreadsheet and Close Spreadsheet options in Excel Command.
87849 Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client displays an error and does not allow users to save a Task Bot that uses the same session name to open multiple excel files using Open Spreadsheet option of the Excel command.
128183 The value in a cell is shown incremental for an automation that uses Get All Cells option in Excel command in the loop Each row in an Excel dataset.
84464 Characters in languages such as Greek are shown in the terminal window after connecting to a terminal server using Advanced Technology option in the Terminal Emulator command.
50758 After upgrading from AAE 10.1 to any 11.3.x release, you can continue to extract text from custom form fields in PDFs by running tasks having MetaBot logic with DLL.
70166, 90064, 92469 In the Variable Operation command, negative numbers with comma as a thousands separator and dot as a decimal separator are displayed and assigned correctly.
105196 The SOAP Web Service command now supports nested XML requests in SOAP API calls.
112741 The Automation Player (AAPlayer.exe) works correctly while parsing messages sent from the Control Room.
102777 The Extract Table option in a Web Recorder runs within a loop correctly even with a custom session name.
125483 After upgrading from AAE 11.1.2 or 11.2.0 to 11.3.1, the HTML InnerText property of the Object Cloning command continues to capture the data from the list object as separate lines of text instead of one line of text separated by "\n".
59323 In the Variable Operation command, large numbers with exponential values assigned to variables do not get converted automatically to string format.
82209,109466 In the PDF Integration command the Extract Text option with Structured Text type now formats the extracted text as intended.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed for Enterprise Client in this version.

There are no security fixes listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room security fixes
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
125338 Users with Import Bots privileges are now unable to traverse the host system directories and extract arbitrary files on the system disk and attached network storage.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features listed for this release.

Known limitations

There are no new known limitations listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room known limitations

  • If the Control Room hot fix patch is installed in silent mode, then the machine on which it is being installed restarts automatically.
  • Installation on Microsoft Azure was not certified for Version 11.3.1. It is certified for Version The documented installation steps are correct.

Enterprise Client known limitations

When upgrading from Version 11.3 to Version, the Google Chrome plug-in is unavailable. To ensure that the Google Chrome plug-in enables properly, open Google Chrome from the Version 11.3 version before upgrading to