Troubleshooting login errors

Basic troubleshooting practices for login errors.

If there are issues with the login to the Control Room, troubleshoot based on the displayed messages. For example:

Invalid credentials
The input contained an incorrect user name or password. Check for common typographical mistakes, such as Caps Lock ON.
Non-Existent User
TheEnterprise Client is not created in the Control Room to which you are trying to connect.
Unlicensed User
You have not been allocated the required license.
Email verification is pending.
Inactive User
The Control Room administrator has deactivated your Enterprise Client.
User is registered on another machine
You tried to log in from a different machine than the one from which you have registered.
Version incompatibility
You tried to connect to a Control Room that is a different version than the Enterprise Client.
Note: If there is a major version mismatch, that is, any of the components is of a higher version than another, then you upgrade to the appropriate version. For example: Enterprise Client at Version 11.3.1 and Control Room at Version 11.3.