Digital Worker packaging

When you submit Digital Workers to the Bot Store, ensure that you include all the components in a zip file.

Submit your Digital Worker as a single zip file with all the folders and files at the root of the zip file.

Use the following two-part naming convention: Choose a descriptive name about your Digital Worker functionality, followed by a vendor name.


Digital Worker examples:

  • DigitalSalesforceOperationsSpecialist-AppPerfect
  • DigitalOracleAccountsPayableAdministrator-HighIQ

The zip package must have the following folder structure as shown in Automation Anywhere sample bot:

  • My Tasks
  • My MetaBots
  • Error Folder
  • Input Folder

Ensure that all the folders are present (whether they contain files or not) and all the folder names are an exact match to those listed above. Do not modify the folder names.

Include a short video that demonstrates the use of the Digital Worker.

See Enterprise 11: Checklist for Bot Store submissions for information about submitting a Digital Worker to the Bot Store.