Viewing System Logs

Automation Anywhere Enterprise application logs all events that occur in the application. Major events, such as a task run, task creation, and changes to task properties are logged.

To view this logged data, AAE provides System Logs to show all client activities. These reports are very useful for monitoring and troubleshooting.

To view the system logs, follow these steps:

  1. From the main Automation Anywhere window, click the Tools menu and select System Logs.
  2. Select the Log Type from the drop-down list. The types include:
    • Task Creation
    • Task Run
    • Task Modification
    • Task Deleted
    • WorkFlow Creation
    • Workflow Run
    • Workflow Modification
    • Workflow Deleted
    • Report Creation
    • Report Run
    • Report Modification
    • Report Deleted
    • Task To Exe
    • Schedule
    • Trigger
    • Task Properties
    • App Configuration
    • File
    • Folder
    • Script
    • Other
  3. Specify the Start Date and End dates.
  4. Click Generate Logs.
  5. To export the logs to a CSV file, specify the file name with path or browse to select the CSV file and click Export.
  6. To delete an entry, select the check box next to the log and click Delete.
  7. To delete all entries, select Check All and click delete.