Enterprise 11 secure recording mode

Secure recording prevents the capturing of any sensitive data.

Commands that support Secure Recording Mode

App Integration
Images are not captured.
Images are not captured.
Error Handling
Images are not captured.
Images are not captured.
Image Recognition
Image1 is not saved and Image2 is not captured.
Manage Windows Controls
No values are captured.
Mouse Command
Images are not captured.
Object Cloning/Smart Recorder
No values or images are captured. Clicking Re-Capture Image, images are not captured. Image Option and Save commands are not supported.
No images are captured for preview.
Screen Capture
Screen shots are disabled. If the user tries to save the image, a warning message will appear, reminding the user to ensure that the captured image does not contain sensitive data.
Web Recorder
No values, caption, or default texts are captured. No values are captured for Extract Data and Extract Multiple Data.
Visualize and SnapPoint buttons disabled.
Note: If a task is recorded when secure recording is disabled before enabling secure recording for the same task and opened with the Workbench, the object values and images will still be visible.