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Download bots and packages from Bot Store

  • Atualizado: 2021/08/23
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Explorar
    • Espaço de trabalho RPA

Download bots and packages from Bot Store

Users can download Automation 360 bots and packages from Bot Store locally then import them to Control Room. Users can follow this task if they are unable to connect their Control Room to the internet, to access Bot Store automation.


You must have a system-created AAE_Bot Developer role in order to download bots or packages to your Control Room repository. See Funções.


  1. Navigate to Bot Store site.
  2. Log in with your A-People credentials to download from Bot Store.
  3. Select a bot or package.
    Once you have selected your bot, you are redirected to a detailed bot page.
  4. Click the Get Bot button.
    A confirmation window prompts you to confirm the request.
  5. Click Ok, Get Bot to confirm the request.
    You can choose from the Add to Control Room or Download as a zip file options.
  6. Select the Download as a zip file option
    You can save the bot locally on your device and when you confirmed the location path, your download begins.
  7. Log in to the Control Room.
  8. Navigate to the Automation page.
  9. Click Import bots.
  10. Click Browse.
  11. Select your downloaded zip file at the location path you saved.
  12. Specify the option to have your bot in the Public or Private tab.
  13. Click Import to import the downloaded bot.
  14. Navigate to the Public or Private tab that you specified.
  15. Open the Bot Store folder.
  16. Access the bot.
    You can now use the bot from Bot Store to start your automation experience.
    To use a Bot Store package, open the bot you want to edit and access package from the Actions panel.
    Nota: For users who want proxy access to Bot Store, you can reference this knowledge base article for a workaround.
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