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Control Room overview

  • Atualizado: 2022/03/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Control Room overview

The Control Room manages, schedules, executes, and configures various capabilities of bots and Bot Runners using a collection of specialized web services.


The Control Room is a centralized management point for all bots. A reverse proxy is responsible for listening for remote connection requests and forwarding those requests to the correct specialized service. The following figure shows the Control Room components and general data center interaction. Control Room components are shown in orange and data center components provided by your organization are shown in blue. Components that are centrally hosted on cloud and managed by Automation Anywhere such as license server are shown in white.

Control Room and data center components overview

In the data center, Control Room is installed on a server and configured to interact with the other data center components.

The Control Room includes objects that performs the following:

  • Control Room reverse proxy is managed through the following functions:

    • Control Room services

    • Control Room messaging

    • Control Room caching

  • Elasticsearch
  • Licensing

The Control Room required data center components include:

  • An SQL server with a Control Room database.

  • A Server Message Block (SMB) file share

Centralized Automation Deployment

  • Control Room acts as the single point of access and control for bot execution.
  • Control Room provides bot upload and download features to facilitate seamless collaboration for end to end business process automation by multiple users.
  • All scheduling is managed by the Control Room. Bots are deployed on the Bot Runners either ad hoc or on pre-defined schedules. Once the schedules are created, Control Room automatically and intelligently picks up the subsequent updates to bots, without any need to alter automation schedules.

Centralized Access Control

  • Least Privilege and Access controls user access. They are implemented in the Control Room through Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • All Users and Roles are created and managed from the Control Room.

Collaboration Centralized Workforce Management

  • Control Room dashboards provide a single view of the entire automation infrastructure.
  • Control Room receives real time heartbeat and telemetry from automations with events, exceptions and alerts.
  • Unauthorized users cannot pause, resume or stop any of the ongoing automations on any Bot Runner.
  • All historical automation data is logged in and available through Control Room Audit Logs.
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