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Scan Automation 360 bots for Internet Explorer usage

  • Atualizado: 2022/06/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrar
    • Enterprise

Scan Automation 360 bots for Internet Explorer usage

Microsoft Internet Explorer end of life (EOL) is in June 2022, and Microsoft recommends that you to move your legacy applications and websites running on Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. Use the Automation 360 Bot Scanner for IE utility to scan your Automation 360 bots for Internet Explorer usage.


  • Ensure that your Control Room user has the View content permission on the Bots folder.
  • Ensure that you meet the following system requirements for using the Bot Scanner:
    • Hardware requirements
      Processor 2.66 GHz or higher (64-bit)
      RAM 2 GB or higher
      Disc space 200 MB
    • Software requirements

      Operating systems: Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)


  1. Run the Automation 360 Bot Scanner for IE executable file and click Get started.
  2. Enter the Control Room URL of Automation 360 (On-Premises or Cloud) that you want to connect to, and access the Bots repository that contains the Internet Explorer bots that you want to scan.
  3. Based on the authentication type configured in your Control Room, choose one of the following authentication methods in the Authentication Type field:
    Authentication typeSteps
    1. Enter the Username (Control Room database username).
    2. Enter the Password (Control Room database user password).
    Active Directory (default)
    1. Enter the Username (Domain\username).
    2. Enter the Password (domain user password).
    Single Sign-On
    1. Enter the Username.
    2. Enter the API Key.
  4. Click Test connection.
    A connection success or failure message is displayed. Recheck your credentials if the connection fails.
  5. In the Select destination path field, enter the location where you want to save the generated report.
  6. Click Scan bots.
    The scanner scans all the bots in the Control Room repository for Internet Explorer usage. After the scan is complete, a report is generated (.CSV file) containing all the details. If a .CSV file already exists in the output folder, you are prompted with a message indicating that the old .CSV file will be deleted, and after you click Continue, a new .CSV file is generated. If the old .CSV file is in use, a message is displayed indicating that the file cannot be deleted. Close the file and try again.
  7. Click Open report to analyze the report generated by the scanner to get usage statistics about Internet Explorer in your bots.
    The report contains the following details:
    • TaskBot name: Name of the TaskBot
    • Line number: The line number of the bot where the Internet Explorer browser is used
    • Package and action name: The package and action name where the Internet Explorer browser is used
    • Searched text: Provides the window or browser title
    • Action and review message: Contains the reviews or action required by the user after conversion
    • TaskBot path: The path to the repository where the bot resides
    Nota: Based on the report generated by the scanner, you can plan and implement a strategy to convert bots that use Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. Using the report you can identify the following:
    • Unique TaskBot names that use Internet Explorer
    • The action in each bot that uses Internet Explorer
    • Whether an action can be converted or not
    • Whether an action needs review after conversion

Próximas etapas

The Bot Scanner does not convert your bots from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. For conversion, you must use the Update Bot wizard. See Update Bot wizard para a conversão do IE bots.
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