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Workload guidelines

  • Atualizado: 2021/12/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Gerenciar
    • Espaço de trabalho RPA

Workload guidelines

To optimally use your work items and queues in Automation 360, review the guidelines.


  • Ensure that the queue has at least 2 owners so that there is no deadlock if an owner is deleted or disabled.
  • If work items are added frequently to a queue, set the reactivation threshold to 1 so that when a work item is added, the work item is added quickly.
  • Up to 10 work item columns can be displayed in the Control Room. Use this feature to get maximum visibility in to your work item data.
  • Optimally use work item values that can accept up to 1000 characters, especially for work item result values.
  • To prioritize certain work items, ensure that you sort the work item data when you create queues.
  • To insert work items in a loop, use the v3/wlm/workitems API because this API accepts a list of work items in JSON format.
  • Ensure that the time (clocks) in all the machines in a cluster are synchronized. This is important for the Apache Ignite cache server to function properly.
  • Persistent and continual database connectivity is critical for the functioning of workload automation. Therefore, ensure that you perform a periodic network scan or use tools that can detect or avoid network issues.
  • Apply the pagination filter to retrieve more than 200 work items when you retrieve them using the work item API.


  • To ensure the system works efficiently, do not use the v3/WLM/workitems API in a loop to insert work items in bulk.
  • If the Bot Runner is part of a device pool, do not create local schedules on that Bot Runner so that the Bot Runner runs only the work items.
  • If a user has a queue in use, do not remove the Run bot permission from that user (role).
  • If a work item is in progress, do not shut down a Bot Runner.

    To take a Bot Runner offline for maintenance, ensure that you pause the queue and verify no work item is in progress on the Bot Runner.

  • If a work item queue is being processed, do not stop or restart the Automation Anywhere Control Room Service. Instead, pause the queue automation, and then restart the service.
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