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Welcome to the product documentation portal. Explore information about how to install, configure, and use our products effectively.

This video outlines changes to the design and layout of our documentation portal, improvements made to the search experience, and how to engage with content on our topic pages. 

You can navigate our product documentation pages using the following options:
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    Click the links from this list to access our release notes, workflow maps of product task flows, and content related to APIs, migrations, and Embedded Automation. Click the Show more option to access links to content on the top features for the latest GA release.

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    View videos on some of the important features and capabilities available in Automation 360. Click the right and left arrows to browse through the list of videos in this section.

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    You can also access content based on the tasks related to our product such as Explore for an overview of our product, or Set up for setting up and configuring our product.

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