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Using the package SDK

  • Atualizado: 2021/04/09
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Explorar
    • Espaço de trabalho RPA

Using the package SDK

These example topics provide a basic understanding of how to use the Package SDK with Automation 360. Each SDK package includes a collection of configurable files that you can use to build a custom package, and then use the package to create TaskBots.


Use the following steps to create, configure, and build an IntelliJ project to compile a new package, and then create a bot to test the package you created.

  1. Download, extract, and review the Package SDK files:
    • Download the latest Automation Anywhere A2019 Package SDK.

      Enterprise A2019 Package Development Kit Release Notes

    • Go to your Downloads folder, right-click your downloaded Package SDK, and select Extract All.
    • Review all the files included in the package. You can drop any java file in your IntelliJ project to view or edit the content.
  2. Install the latest Automation 360 version:
    1. After the installation, log in to the Control Room with an admin privilege and create a new user with permissions to upload a package and create bots.
    2. Connect your local device to the Control Room. If required, download and install the latest Bot agent.
  3. Install Java SE Development Kit 11 or IntelliJ IDE Community Edition and Gradle plug-in.
  4. Configure the sample build files in the IntelliJ project.
  5. Create a new directory, package, and class.
  6. Use the compiled JAR file as a package and upload it to your Control Room in Automation 360.
  7. Create a TaskBot to test the new package.
  8. Opcional: Verify the results, and if required, add additional actions to your bot flow, and configure parameters and values.
  9. View additional resources.
    To learn more, search for the Package SDK: How to examples.

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