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Restore bots from Git repository

  • Atualizado: 2021/09/08
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Explorar
    • Espaço de trabalho RPA

Restore bots from Git repository

If your database is deleted or corrupted, you can restore all your bots and the associated dependent files from the Git repository to your new database. This restore option is available only for On-Premises deployments; it is not supported on Cloud deployments.


Ensure the following before you restore your bots from Git:

  • You must have a backup of the bots on Git.
  • You must have the AAE_Admin role assigned.
  • The Git restore process requires some downtime. When the restore process is running, the following public workspace operations are disabled:
    • Check-out
    • Clone
    • Run and schedule bots
    • Run bots with queue
    • Import and export bots
  • When the restore process is running, the check-in operation is not allowed from the private workspace. However, you can use the private workspace for the rest of the operations.
  • You can restore your bots to your empty or non-empty repository.
  • You cannot abort an ongoing restore process.


  1. Log in to the Control Room as an admin user.
  2. No painel da esquerda, clique em Automation (Automação).
    Uma lista de formulários e bots disponíveis é exibida.
  3. Navigate to the Public workspace.
  4. Click the Restore from Git option.
    The Restore from Git dialog box appears, displaying a warning that all the public repository operations will be disabled during the Git restore process.
  5. If you have duplicate files in the Git repository, select to either Overwrite the existing files or Skip the existing files in the Git repository.
  6. Based on whether the repository is empty or non-empty, choose one of the following options:
    • To restore files to a repository that is not fully empty, enter your Git credentials for the associated repository.
    • To restore files to a fully empty repository, you can choose the Git repository from which you want to restore your files.
      • Use existing Git configuration settings: Select this option to restore your data from the Git repository configured with the Control Room.
        Nota: Ensure you connect your Control Room to the remote Git repository from Administration > Settings > Git integration.
      • Use any other repository: Select this option to restore data from any other repository. Enter the repository path and token or password of the associated Git repository.
  7. Click Continue to proceed with the restore process.
    The system starts restoring the bots and the dependent files from Git. This process takes some time.
    After the restore process is completed successfully, you are automatically returned to the Automation page. The bots and the dependent files are restored in your new database, maintaining the original structure of the dependent files.

If the Git restore process fails after restoring some bots, you are redirected to the public workspace with the following options. Choose the required option to complete the restore process:

Option Action
Revert restoration bots This option clears all the bots that were restored.
Nota: This option will delete the public bots that were restored from the Git repository.
Restart restoration The Git restore process restarts from where it ended.
Keep only the restored files This option retains whatever files were restored and will exit the restore process.
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