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Upload documents to a learning instance in Document Automation

  • Mis à jour le : 2022/04/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Upload documents to a learning instance in Document Automation

Build a bot to upload documents to a specific learning instance for processing and extraction.


Ensure you have the name of the destination learning instance.


  1. Navigate to Automation > Private tab and click Create a bot.
    Ensure you do not place the bot in the IQ Bot Processes folder.
  2. Provide a name for the bot, such as Extraction-Scheduler.
  3. Create the following variables: Création d'une variable
    Variable name Description Data type Value
    File_Count Increments with each loop iteration to count the number of files uploaded for processing. Number 0
    Extraction_DeviceCount Number of Bot Runner devices connected to the Control Room Number Enter the number of connected Bot Runner devices
    Scheduler_Interval Scheduling interval in minutes Number Enter the interval for which you will schedule this bot to run when you deploy it
    Average_Pages Average number of pages per document