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Image enhancement options in the EnhanceImage action

  • Mis à jour le : 2022/01/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Image enhancement options in the EnhanceImage action

Use the table in this topic to review all the available options for enhancing the image that you upload to the EnhanceImage action in the a package.

Type Description
Grayscale Can be used to change an image into grayscale (black & white).
Blur Represents the image pixel size of blur effect. The value can start from 3 and extend to any odd number, as long as it is lesser than the pixel size of the uploaded image. However, the variable value must be related to the image appearance and cannot be independent of the image selected.

Recommended values- 3, 5, 7 and so on.


Can be used to produce a sharpened or a clearer version of the image that can be obtained by removing any distorted or blurred aspects of the original image.

Variables that can be used to sharpen an image are:

  • Gaussian blur – Gaussian kernel size (standard deviation in X direction) for producing the blurred version of the image
  • Alpha – weight of the original image
  • Beta – weight of the blurred image (must be negative)
  • Gamma – constant added to each sum

Recommended values

  • Gaussian blur: 5
  • Alpha: 3
  • Beta: -1
  • Gamma: 0

Can be any odd number that is lesser than the size of the uploaded image.

Recommended value- 21


Can be used to enhance the amount of colour or grayscale difference.

Recommended value- From 0.8 through 2.

Brightness Can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of pixels in the image.

Recommended value- From 0 through 100.

Thresholding Can be used to segment an image, which is typically used to locate objects and boundaries within that image.

Recommended value- From 0 through 255.

Remove RGB Provide upper and lower bound for R(Red),G(Green) and B(Blue). For example, lower bound = (180,180,180) and upper bound = (255,255,255). The pixels between provided bounds are converted to white (255,255,255).

Recommended value- From 0 through 255.

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