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Document Automation FAQ

  • Actualizado: 2022/06/27
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Document Automation FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the latest Automation Anywhere intelligent document processing solution, Document Automation.

Product FAQ

What pre-trained models are included?
Automation Anywhere offers invoices and Google Document AI offers invoices, utility bills, and receipts.
Does Document Automation have feature parity with Automation 360 IQ Bot?
Document Automation supports the following features from Automation 360 IQ Bot:
  • Data extraction from text, number, date time, and check box fields
  • Validation rules based on patterns, formulas, lists, and statements
Which browsers are supported?
Document Automation is supported on the same browsers as the Automation Anywhere Control Room: Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Nota: If you use Document Automation in Firefox, the user interface might not behave as expected.
What languages are supported?
Document Automation supports English, French, German, and Spanish.
You can process documents in other languages by creating and training a training a learning instance in Automation 360 IQ Bot and connecting it with Document Automation to process documents using Document Automation technology and workflow. For more information, see Connect learning instance.
Which licenses are necessary?
We provide a recommendation on configuring users with the minimum necessary roles and device licenses to perform specific tasks in Document Automation users.
Can learning instances be migrated from Automation 360 IQ Bot to Document Automation?
Users can connect their learning instances from Automation 360 IQ Bot to their Document Automation environment, which allows them to process documents using the Document Automation technology without having to rebuild the learning instances. For more information, see Connect learning instance.
Are customers required to maintain their Automation 360 IQ Bot environments?
If you have connected a learning instance from Automation 360 IQ Bot to Document Automation, do not delete the learning instance from Automation 360 IQ Bot since it stores the training data.
We recommend you maintain Automation 360 IQ Bot in a version compatible with the associated Control Room.
What learning instance fields are supported out of the box?
Document Automation offers over 35 of the most common invoice fields, with the option to configure custom fields. To see all the possible fields when you are creating a learning instance, click Show unused fields.

Processing and extraction FAQ

Which OCRs are supported?
The Automation Anywhere pre-trained model uses the ABBYY FineReader Engine.
I uploaded documents for processing, but nothing is happening.
The first time you process documents, the Document Extraction package downloads to the local device. This might cause a delay in document processing.
What should I do if a folder contains documents in multiple languages?
Use the IQ Bot Classifier package to sort the documents by language, then create a learning instance for each language.
How do I process documents using Google Document AI?
Document Extraction enables users to send their documents to Google Document AI for processing. To use this feature, users must have Document AI licenses that they either purchased from Automation Anywhere or provided their Google Document AI account credentials to the Control Room.
The process of creating, testing, and publishing is the same for learning instances using a Google Document AI model as for learning instances using a pre-trained model from Automation Anywhere.
Are multi-page tables supported?
Yes, Document Extraction supports extracting tables that span across multiple pages.
Is it possible to extract multiple tables from a document?
At this time, Document Automation can extract one table per document.
Where can I see the reason why data was not extracted from an uploaded document?
The AARI Requests tab holds the history for each uploaded document. Here, you can see the step at which extraction failed or if a Validator user marked the document as invalid.
Is currency extraction supported?
Yes, except for the rupee (₹).
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