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Create user and assign role

  • Actualizado: 2021/10/11

    Create user and assign role

    Create a scheduler user and assign custom role to run the AARI process in the web interface.

    Antes de empezar

    You must be an AARI administrator to perform this task.


    1. Log in to the Control Room as an administrator.
    2. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
    3. Create a custom role.
      For example, AARI-pool-scheduler.
      1. Set the permissions to View my bots, View packages, Run my bots, and AARI Scheduler.
      2. In the Bots tab, select the folders that contain the bots to be run by the AARI scheduler user, that you want to give access to with run and view permissions. Set the required bot permissions for the role at the folder level.
      3. Select the unattended users in the Run As section.
      4. Save your changes.
    4. Create a user.
      For example, AARI-scheduler-user.
      Nota: This user does not require any license.
    5. Assign the custom role you created to this user.
      For example, AARI-pool-scheduler.
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