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About AARI Assistant

  • Atualizado: 2021/05/27
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • AARI
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About AARI Assistant

Attended Bot Runner users can use the AARI Assistant application to access bots without logging into Control Room.

Control Room administrator adds Active Directory (AD) users by selecting AD domain, providing environment details, and assigning a role and device license. Administrator can further deploy the Control Room RBAC by specifying role-based privileges and permissions at the bots and Bot Runner level.

Control Room RBAC on Bot Runner users facilitate a complete isolation based on pre-defined criteria such as users across various business units or departments. This also includes the privileges that is applied at a folder level to completely and seamlessly isolate bots of one department from the other.

In a typical scenario, triggering some specific bots to complete important tasks can be one of the daily routines for attended Bot Runner users. Entire process of signing into Control Room can be time consuming. AARI Assistant reduces this effort considerably. When Bot agent is installed on a device, an application shortcut on the desktop for AARI Assistant is also created along with a Start menu icon.

Users with attended Bot Runner license can launch this application, use their AD credentials to sign in and review the list of available bots, and run the specific bot.

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