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Input types - UI elements

  • 업데이트: 2021/06/30
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 탐색
    • RPA Workspace

Input types - UI elements

Use the following public class SampleUI as a demonstration of the user interface (UI) elements.

Example of the user interface (UI) elements - uiDemo

The following examples show the supported attribute types. You can use these types to create user interface (UI) designs to build the Control Room interfaces. If you need an input as text than, use TEXT, if you need a radio button, select RADIO, and so on.

The following UI validations are supported:
  • @NotEmpty means that the UI field needs an input at the bot design time.
  • @ LocalFile refers to a local file from a user machine.
  • @NumberIntegers refers to a number value that you can provide, such as, a float or a double input kind.
Idx Type Options Pkg (label) Type Description
1 TEXT Text type String text
2 NUMBER Number type String num
3 BOOLEAN Boolean type Boolean bool
3.1 TEXT Text type String boolChild1 Child of the boolean, this gets evaluated only when the check box is selected (true).
4 SELECT options=Idx.Option


Idx.Option @Pack (label=Select option 1

value=Select option 1

Select type 5 RADIO options=Idx.Option



Idx.Option @Pack (label=Select option 1

value=Radio option 1

Radio option 2

Radio type 6 FILE String file
7 VARIABLE Variable type Variable type Boolean variable A variable accepting only Boolean types.
9 TEXT Text area type String textarea
10 CODE Code type

String code

@CodeType value=text/javascript
Accepting JavaScript

Review additional UI examples, in the SampleUI file at: <latest-package-sdk>2.1.0\src\main\java\com\automationanywhere\botcommand\samples\commands\ui

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