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Using GET method

  • 업데이트: 2022/04/20
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 탐색
    • RPA Workspace

Using GET method

Use the Get method actions from the REST Web Service package to send requests to and receive responses from a REST API.

This example uses endpoints from the Swagger Petstore sample API ( to demonstrate using Get method action to retrieve data from the Petstore database.
주: GET method action does not take any request body.


  1. bot을 엽니다.
    1. Control Room에서 > 내 봇을 선택합니다.
    2. 새 항목 생성 > 을 클릭합니다.
    3. 태스크 봇 생성 창에서 bot 이름을 입력합니다.
    4. 기본 폴더 위치 \Bots\를 수락합니다.
      bot이 저장되는 위치를 변경하려면 선택을 클릭하고 프롬프트에 따릅니다.
    5. 생성 및 편집을 클릭합니다.
  2. Use the Get method action to retrieve a list of all the available pets.
    1. Double-click or drag the REST Web Services > Get method action.

    2. Enter the following URI:
    3. Under Authentication Mode drop-down, select No Authentication as this endpoint does not require authentication.
      주: Typically endpoint requires authentication to ensure that only authorized applications are able to access the data. Select an appropriate authentication mechanism to allow access to the endpoint you want to access.
    4. Create the variable Output in the Assign the output to a variable field. For more information on creating a variable, see 변수 만들기.
  3. Insert a Log to file action to see the response body.
    1. Double-click or drag the Log to file action.
    2. Provide the file path to a text file.
    3. In the Enter text to log field, enter $Output{Body}$.
  4. Click Save and then click Run.
    The bot retrieves the response body and saves it to the text file.
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