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Package SDK

  • 업데이트: 2022/06/14
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 구축
    • RPA Workspace
    • 개요

Package SDK

Package SDK enables you in creating and uploading action packages to your Control Room.

The Automation Anywhere Package Development Kit provides detailed instructions for users to independently develop custom actions and upload the packages in their Control Room. The custom action are build in an IDE and are compiled to generate Java Archive (JAR) files. The JAR files are then uploaded to the Control Room which becomes available as actions under the Action Panel.

The Package SDK section includes sample codes and supporting files for Java developers to create and validate custom actions.

June 2022, Release (A2019.25)
December 2021, Release (A2019.23)
September 2021, Release (A2019.22)
June 2021, Release (A2019.21)
April 2021, Release (A2019.20)
February 2021, Release (A2019.19)
January 2021, Release (A2019.18)
November 2020, Release (A2019.17)
September 2020, Release (A2019.16)
August 2020, Release (A2019.15)
July 2020, Release (A2019.14)
May 2020, Release (A2019.13)
April 2020, Release (2019.12.1)

April 2020, Release (2019.12)

March 2020, Release (2019.11)

February 2020, Release (A2019.10)

January 2020, Release (A2019.09)
November 2019 Release (A2019.08)
October 2019 Release (A2019.07)

For detailed release notes for the SDK Packages, see Automation 360 Package Development Kit Release Notes.

Click a title to read details about each task in the process.

Set up the Java project
Set up an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java, including Automation Anywhere custom annotations to develop an action package that you can upload to your Control Room.
Standard coding practices and guidelines for developing packages
This topic covers standard coding practices and guidelines that help to ensure the development of high quality packages.
Develop a sample package
Develop your own package and upload it to an Control Room to provide custom actions for bots.
How to examples
This section contains code examples and explanations about how to code some basic bot capabilities.
This section provides reference information about the annotations used to create Automation Anywhere packages.
Build and test a demo package and bot
This practical how to section demonstrates that creating, changing, and managing packages allow you to customize actions and efficiently manage packages for all Control Room users.
Build and test a custom package
Use IntelliJ to build a custom package and use Automation 360 actions to test the package.
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