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Expose property attributes of action

  • 업데이트: 2022/09/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 구축
    • RPA Workspace

Expose property attributes of action

The property values of an action can be exposed by setting the following properties on CommandPkg.

Action property values

Property Attributes Description

property_name The name of the property, unique at action level, in auto-complete box this name would appear.

property_description A description of the property.

property_type The data type on which property operates, only if the type matches, the property will be appear in the auto-complete box.

property_return_type The data type for what property returns. If this type does not match with the field type where it is used, there will be validation error.
@CommandPkg(label = "Uppercase", name = "uppercase", description="Converts the string to upper case", 
icon = "uppercase.svg", node_label="Convert {{sourceString}} to upper case| and assign the result to {{returnTo}}|", 
return_type=DataType.STRING, return_required = true, return_label="Assign the output to variable", 
property_name="uppercase", property_description="Converts the string to upper case", property_type=DataType.STRING, 
property_return_type=DataType.STRING) public class UpperCase {
    public Value<String> convert(
            @Idx(index = "1", type=TEXT)
            @Pkg(label="Source string")
            String sourceString){
        return new StringValue(sourceString.toUpperCase());
For example, the above class in the UI will look like:
Expose Properties
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