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Bot compatibility version

  • 업데이트: 2022/05/18
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 구축
    • Enterprise

Bot compatibility version

Bot compatibility version provides internal versioning for bot compilation and helps track different runtime behaviors for specific features. Compatibility version helps to maintain backward-compatibility when there are breaking changes (when you make changes in one part of the code that can cause potential issues in other areas).

Available compatibility versions

Bot compilation occurs on the device where the Control Room is located. Typically a Windows or Linux device is used based on the deployment model (Windows for On-Premises and Linux for Cloud).

Depending on your requirements, choose one of the following versions:
Version Description
1 The bot file path is parsed at compilation time


The bot file path is parsed at bot runtime depending on the device on which the bot is running

For example, the UNC (universal naming convention) path format is different for Windows and Linux. When you choose this version, a message is sent to the bot compiler to parse the file path during runtime instead of at compilation time.

Set the bot compatibility version

As a Bot Creator, you can set the bot compatibility version in the private workspace.
  1. Log in to the Control Room.
  2. In the private workspace, select the bot for which you want to set the version.

    The bot opens in edit mode.

  3. From the actions menu (vertical ellipsis), select Advanced settings.
  4. If the Bot compatibility version is set to 1, we recommend that you set it to 2, which is the default version.

    You can retain the value 1 but bot might be impacted at runtime.

  5. Optional: Select the Enabled improved number support check box in the Advanced features field.

    This setting helps in accurate float number calculation (positive or negative whole number with a decimal point) for your new bots.

  6. Return to the bot editor and save the bot.

Compatibility version for migrated bots

After migration from Enterprise 11 to Automation 360 and if you have removed the AAApplicationPath from the destination path, your bot might fail. For more information on how to resolve this issue, see Migrated bots and compatibility versions.

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