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Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI)

  • 업데이트: 2022/03/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI)

Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface or AARI provides a simple, front-end interface for users to execute and interact with bots and applications.

Use AARI from within applications such as Salesforce and within browsers and desktops for end-to-end process automation across the enterprise by connecting bots in the front and back offices.

Why use AARI

AARI helps you to achieve the following goals:
  • Simplify everyday tasks, such as reporting and keeping track of urgent requests.
  • Collaborate easily with your team's applications and bots, thereby improving average handle time and resolution rate, which helps improve customer satisfaction.
  • Speed up even the most complex requests by automating escalations and approvals.
  • Accelerate return-on-investment owing to minimal investment on infrastructure, training, and set-up costs for your enterprise.

What you can do with AARI

AARI enables real-time communication between users and bots. By using AARI to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you can improve customer experience, increase employee productivity, and cut operational costs for your organization.

The following image illustrates how AARI enhances automation.

The image shows AARI achieving automation amplification through seven stages: Map, Build, Design, Orchestrate, Display, Monitor, Lea

Accessing AARI

AARI provides various interfaces that you can use to connect to business workflows at multiple touchpoints. Access AARI in the following ways:

  • Web browser

    Access AARI through a URL to manage front and back office functions, gathering input and approval from a single interface.

  • Desktop

    Retrieve and update data with custom forms. Users can view and interact with all data from a single screen instead of switching between multiple systems.

  • Applications
    Execute bots from common enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Google Workspace through Automation Anywhere pre-built integrations.
  • Mobile app

    Start and stop bots and view analytic on your mobile device with the Automation Anywhere Mobile app. See Automation Anywhere Mobile app.

The following image illustrates the difference in the process flow between AARI on the web and AARI desktop:

AARI workflow

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