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Document Automation package

  • 업데이트: 2022/03/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 구축
    • IQ Bot

Document Automation package

The Document Automation package enables you to extract data from documents and download that data. This package is for the early-adopter release of the cloud-native version of IQ Bot.

When a new learning instance is created, the Control Room automatically creates a folder with the same name as the learning instance in the Automation > IQ Bot Processes folder. Within that folder, the Control Room creates the following two bots:
  • Extraction bot: Extracts data from defined fields in uploaded documents.
  • Download bot: Downloads the extracted data to a specific folder on the device or shared network.
주: You must complete the steps to create a learning instance, upload documents for processing, and fix the validation errors, before you can edit the bots. See Document Automation 사용.

Actions in the IQ Bot (Preview) package

This package includes the following actions:
Action Description
Download data See Using Download data action
Extract data See Using Extract data action
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