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IQ Bot feature comparison matrix

  • 업데이트: 2022/04/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

IQ Bot feature comparison matrix

Review the differences between Automation 360 IQ Bot and Document Automation by comparing the features in them.

Automation 360 IQ Bot Document Automation
Administration and setup
Installation Separate installer Installed as part of the Control Room
Database administration Separate database; requires additional effort for backups and maintenance Uses the Control Room database; no additional backup or maintenance needed
Server configuration Extensive SSL configuration, RabbitMQ administration, HA and DR Works out of the box
Learning instance configuration
Alias management (keywords) No way to add or remove field aliases Users can view, add, or remove field aliases
Confidence threshold Does not work out of the box; server-level configuration Helps to catch false positive outcomes; field-level configuration
Field order and field name customization NA Helps to improve validation efficiency
Field configuration Must be done for every group Needs to be done only once
Ability to remove fields No Yes
Ability to change OCR engine No Yes
Output format CSV only CSV or JSON
Human review and validation
Validation queue management No Use filters and search to find specific learning instances or documents
RBAC No Assign learning instances to a custom role
End-to-end automation
Task bots Must be manually created Control Room automatically creates task bots for a learning instance
See status and history of uploaded documents No Yes
Customizable document processing workflow No IQ Bot-specific option to enable human review in the workflow
Cloud support
Cloud-native deployment Only through virtual machines Docker containers
Sandbox support No Yes
GCP support No Yes
Retention policy No Supported by AARI storage
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