Enterprise 11: Role-based processing domains

The Control Room RBAC applies the least privilege principles to domains by implementing Processing Domains, specifying role-based privileges, and permissions at the bots and Bot Runners level.

RBAC is applied at a folder level to completely and seamlessly isolate one department bot from the remaining departments' bots. If the user role does not have access to a set of bots, those bots do not exist for that specific user, thereby enabling the separation of duties across different domains. For example, Finance and Accounting roles can access only the bots that automate Finance and Accounting functions and pecific Bot Runners that can execute these bots. This is consistent with best practices as defined by NIST AC-4 Processing Domains.

For example, only those users who have the Run my bots permission can run the bots from the Control Room to remote Bot Runners.

Authorized users assign various permutation and combinations of these accesses to different sets of users and roles based on the business need.