Enterprise 11: Variable names

Automation Anywhere has a recommended variable naming convention.

  • Variables start with "v", such as vPath.
  • Lists start with "lst", such as lstMyList.
  • Arrays start with "arr", such as arrPirateBooty.
  • Randoms start with "rdm", such as rdmChoice.

Some developers prefer to add variable "type" prefixes to the front of their variables, for example:

  • "int" for variables expected to hold whole numbers (integers)
  • "str" for variables expected to hold a string of characters

Regardless of the naming scheme, variables in Automation Anywhere do not have a strong type.

This means, a variable that contains a number, then does a mathematical calculation, can later contain a string value. This is called loose typing. Although it adds flexibility when working with variables, it means creators must remember which variables are used for which purposes, and not confuse them.