Import data to a MetaBot

Import data from variables to fill in the fields of a web page.


The Create Logic for a MetaBot task must be completed successfully before you can complete this task.


  1. Drag and drop Import Dataset from the Commands tab to the Actions List.
  2. In the Import Dataset dialog, add the corresponding variable to each object value.
    1. Click in the Value field for the firstname object.
    2. Press the F2 key.
    3. Select vFirstName .
    4. Click Insert.
    5. Repeat for each of the lines in the Import Dataset dialog.
      Note: The object names might not be in the same order as listed in the following table.
      # Entry name Type Value
      1 firstname Text box vFirstName
      2 phonenumber Text box vPhone
      3 lastname Text box vLastName
      4 password Text box vPassword
      5 companyname Text box vCompanyName
      6 username Text box vUserName
      7 email Text box vEmail
  3. After adding all the variables, click Save in the Workbench menu ribbon.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Save.

Next steps

The MetaBot created in this task can be used by other bots, go to Replace task steps with a MetaBot to see how to add this MetaBot the Task Bot created in Build a basic bot using the Enterprise Client.