Screen Capture command

Use the Screen Capture command to automate the process of capturing screenshots.


With the Screen Capture command, users can capture the entire computer screen or an active open window, and save it in a specified location and image format.

Capture Desktop
Captures an image of the full desktop.
Capture Window
Captures an image of an open application window. Select the window from the drop-down list.
Capture Area
Captures an image of a selected area of the screen. First the application window is selected, then the user drags the mouse over the area to capture.
Overwrite File: overwrites older existing images with the same file name.
For applications that change titles:
If the name of the application window title changes over time, insert a wild card character (*) at the start or end of the window title. This ensures that the application is consistently found when running the Logic.
For example, to ensure the Microsoft Excel application is always found, use 'Microsoft Excel*' or '*Excel' or '*Excel*'.
When Secure Recording Mode is enabled:
Screen shots are disabled. If the user tries to save the image, a warning message will appear, reminding the user to ensure that the captured image does not contain sensitive data.

When a bot is run in unattended mode (where auto-login is enabled), the bot using the Screen Capture command captures a black screenshot. For information about how to resolve this, see this article:Best practice for unattended mode bot run (A-People login required)