Version Release Notes

Review the new features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Control Room and Bot Insight. There are no security fixes in this release.

New features

Bot Insight
Configure the time zone

You can now change the default time zone setting to your preferred time zone. To set up a new time zone, configure the setting in the file. When the new time zone is configured, the changes are displayed on the Operation, Business, and COE dashboards.

Configuring the time zone

Fixed features

Control Room
Service Cloud case ID Description
00604613, 00638852, 00650506, 00664805, 00664060 Bot Runner devices are now connected with the Control Room with the proper status and without restarting the services on the nodes. Previously, because of a prolonged increase in workload management load, nodes were unresponsive and devices were disconnected.
00619638 When you insert multiple Work Items in a queue one after the other, now only one deployment is triggered on a device at a time. Previously, multiple deployments were triggered at a time, resulting in more disk space usage on the Enterprise Client machine.
00640664 If Bot Runners fail to deploy Work Items in one queue, it no longer affects the deployment of the Work Items in the other queues. Previously, failure to deploy one queue delayed and stopped the deployment of Work Items in other queues.
00502268 When Work Items are assigned to multiple bots at the same time, the Work Items are now processed only once, preventing the bots from repeating the output.
00534562 Work Items that are inserted in the queue are now deployed immediately. They no longer remain in the queue even when a large size bot is deployed.

Known limitations

Control Room
When upgrading the Control Room to Version, you might experience a downtime. To avoid this downtime, before you start the upgrade, pause all the workload management queues and ensure that there are no Work Items in progress.

Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations