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View queue details

  • Updated: 2020/05/08
    • 11.3.x
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View queue details

Use the View queues details page to view the details of a particular queue.


Permissions required:
  1. Queue Creator or Queue Participant rights
  2. View and manage my Queues feature permission


  1. Go to Workload > Queues
  2. Hover over a queue to view
  3. Click the vertical ellipsis button
  4. Click the view details button
    This launches the View queues page which shows details of the queue in two sections:
    1. Name, Description, My access status, and queue Status such as:
      • Active when work item is currently being processed or staged for processing
      • Complete when work item successfully processed by a Bot Runner or marked Complete
      • Unsuccessful when work item processing failed on Bot Runner
      • Ready to run when work item is successfully processed for execution does not have any data errors and can be staged for processing
      • On hold when work item is deferred from processing by a Bot Runner
      • Data error when there is an error in loading data from the file
    2. Queue contents in different tabs such as:
      • Work Items: This is the default view. This allows you to view all work items in a list form. Use this to edit, delete or modify the column view and change the status of all or selected work items.
      • General: View the Reactivation Threshold and Time required to complete one work item.
      • Owners: View the user names of queue owners who can edit the queue and add new work items.
        Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about other users that are added as queue owners.
      • Participants: View the user names of queue participants who can add new work items and view the queue.
      • Consumers: View the user names of consumers who can view the queue and all the work items in the queue. In addition, they can use this queue when running bots.
      • Work Item Structure: View the work item structure that you defined when creating the queue.
    Tip: Edit any of these details by either clicking the edit this queue link or the Edit button. Also delete the queue by clicking the Delete button.

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