Prerequisites for using Object Cloning

Before you use the Object Cloning command, there are certain configurations you need to set for optimal results.

Ensure the following requirements are completed before you use the Object Cloning command:
  • Ensure that the application or website from which you want to capture objects is open.
  • Configure the appropriate ActiveX filter and security zone settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and ensure that you install the latest Automation Anywhere plugin.
    Note: We recommend you to set the security level to either Medium-high or Medium.

    See Microsoft Support

  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, set the Zoom value to 100%.
  • To capture Java-based applications, ensure that you install the Java plugins. See Install plug-ins. Ensure that you enable the Java Access Bridge from the Control Panel of your local system in order to capture objects in third-party interfaces.

    See Oracle Help Center

  • Ensure that you register the oleacc.dll file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

    If you do not register the oleacc.dll file, you will not be able to capture objects from standard window applications, web browsers, or third-party interfaces through plug-ins.


The following browsers are supported for Object Cloning command:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

The Object Cloning command works best with Internet Explorer.

You cannot record an automation task in a browser and run that task in another browser. For example, if you have recorded an automation task in Google Chrome, you cannot run that task in Microsoft Edge.

Disable the Auto-hide the taskbar function from the taskbar settings of the browser, so that you can capture objects residing in the taskbar successfully.