Citrix integration

Automation Anywhere Enterprise integration with Citrix enables creating bots that run tasks on remote Citrix Virtual Apps servers. Integration with Citrix also enables installing Enterprise Client on Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines and creating bots that run tasks on those Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines.

Using Citrix architecture with bots

To create and run bots using applications that reside on a Citrix server, select an option:

Using Citrix Virtual Apps
The Object cloning command requires specific configuration to capture objects from applications in the Citrix StoreFront on a remote Citrix server. Ensure the required components are installed on the local machine and the remote Citrix server.
Using Citrix XenDesktop
A Citrix XenDesktop is one of the supported platforms for installing Enterprise Client or Bot Agent. Install the Enterprise Client or Bot Agent on a Citrix XenDesktop virtual machine to create or run bots using applications that reside on that Citrix XenDesktop.

To learn more, search for the Get More From Citrix: Process Automation Involving Citrix Environment course in Automation Anywhere University: RPA Training and Certification (A-People login required).


Note: The Automation Anywhere Enterprise client currently supports 7.15.2000.260 version of XenDesktop, 6.5 version for the Citrix Virtual Apps, and Citrix Receiver as

Ensure the following before you begin automating tasks in a Citrix environment.

  • Ensure credentials to access the Citrix server are available.
  • Ensure the appropriate Citrix license is available for the Automation Anywhere Enterprise system.
  • Ensure the Citrix and Automation Anywhere Enterprise components are installed.