Enterprise 11: Configure IP cluster

Continue from the Control Room installer to the Cluster Configuration wizard page. From this stage of the installation wizard, you set up the system IP addresses for configuring the Control Room on single or multiple nodes (high availability).


Ensure that all nodes to be configured for IP cluster are available for configuration before the installation. Also, provide the same list of IP addresses in all the nodes participating in the cluster when you install Control Room in these nodes.


To configure the system IP addresses, perform the following steps:

  1. Enable Cluster Setup.
    If the machine on which the installation is being run has local IP addresses configured, this check box is selected by default.
    To install the Control Room without a cluster, clear the Enable Cluster Setup check box.
  2. Enter the Cluster IP addresses of the nodes for the cluster.
    • List the IP addresses in the cluster.
    • Use a comma (,) to specify more than one IP address. For example, to specify three IP addresses in the cluster, enter:,,

      Install the Control Room on nodes in the order listed. Ensure that the IP addresses are entered in the same order in each of the nodes. This order cannot be changed later. Installation fails if you do not enter the IP addresses in the same order.

    • Install the Control Room on the cluster nodes in the same order as the listed IP addresses.

      Ensure that the same version of the Control Room is installed on all the cluster nodes.

    • If a new node is added, add it to the end of the list of IP addresses. For example: ipaddress1, ipaddress2, newipaddress3
    • If you Enable Cluster Setup and do not enter an IP address, an error message is displayed.
    • If you supply invalid numbers or characters, an error message is displayed.
    Important: After configuration, you cannot remove nodes from the list of IP addresses.
  3. Select the IP address from the Local IP drop-down list.
    If multiple local IP addresses are configured on the machine, select the IP on which the Control Room is installed.
    The selected local IP address is used for access to the Control Room by other nodes.
  4. Click Next to configure the application Configure Elasticsearch credentials.