Update work item data, results and status

Send a PUT request to update work item data, results and status.


AAE_Queue Admin role
You need a user account with the AAE_Queue Admin role to query and manage workload queues and work items in an Control Room.
JSON Web Token (JWT)
All Control Room APIs require a JSON Web Token (JWT) to access the APIs. Generate an authentication token using the Enterprise 11 Authentication API.
Important: This API feature works in Control Room Version 11.3.2 and later.
  • URL: http://<your_control_room_url>/v2/wlm/queues/{id}/workitems/{id}
  • Method: PUT
Status migration table
Existing Status Can be moved to
Active Unsuccessful
Data error Deleted, Marked as complete, Ready to run
On hold Deleted, Marked as complete, Ready to run
Ready to run
Note: Queued workitems cannot be moved to any other state.
Deleted, On hold, Marked to complete
Complete Deleted
Note: Cannot be moved to Marked as complete or Ready to run.
  • Use the Swagger definition files installed with your Control Room to test the APIs. View the available Swagger APIs at http://<your_control_room_url>/swagger/.
  • You can also use a REST client to complete this task.


  1. Add an authentication token to the request header.
    Note: Use the Enterprise 11 Authentication API to generate a JSON Web Token.
  2. Select PUT as the method.
  3. In the URL, add the id for the queue and the work item you are updating.
    URL example:
  4. Enter the following parameters in the request body.
    Request body:
      "version": "0",
      "json": {
            "Invoice Id": "INV909090",
        	"Customer Name": "John Doe",
        	"Amount": 100,
        	"email": "jdoe@wunderground.com",
        	"Invoice Date": "2019-01-10T00:00:01Z"
      "result": "",
      "status": "ON_HOLD"
  5. Send the request.
    • In a REST Client, click SEND.
    • In the Swagger interface, click Execute.
    Response body:
      "id": 31365,
      "createdBy": 25,
      "createdOn": "2019-09-28T18:39:50.048Z",
      "updatedby": 25,
      "updatedOn": "2019-09-28T18:55:55.179Z",
      "version": 1,
      "json": {
        "Invoice Id": "INV909090",
        "Customer Name": "John Doe",
        "Amount": 100.0,
        "email": "jdoe@wunderground.com",
        "Invoice Date": "2019-01-10T00:00:01Z"
      "result": "",
      "deviceId": 0,
      "status": "ON_HOLD",
      "col1": "INV909090",
      "col2": "John Doe",
      "col3": "100.0",
      "col4": "jdoe@wunderground.com",
      "col5": "2019-01-10T00:00:01Z",
      "col6": "",
      "col7": "",
      "col8": "",
      "col9": "",
      "col10": "",
      "deviceUserId": 0,
      "queueId": 5,
      "comment": "",
      "automationId": 0,
      "totalPausedTime": 0,
      "error": ""