Select Item By Text action with page tab

If the Select Item By Text action does not work in the Object Cloning command with the page tab, use the workaround to perform the action.

Before you start

Before performing the workaround, ensure that the application is opened in maximize mode.


To switch the page tab based on its text or index, perform the following steps:

  1. Activate the window containing the tabs you want to switch by using the Windows Actions command.
  2. Capture the page tab using the Object Cloning command and select the Left Click action to focus.
  3. Use the Insert Keystrokes command to perform the following actions on the tabs:
    • To select the next tab, use the [CTRL DOWN][ALT DOWN]TAB[CTRL UP][ALT UP] keys.
    • To select the previous tab, use [CTRL DOWN][ALT DOWN][SHIFT DOWN]TAB[SHIFT UP][CTRL UP][ALT UP] keys.