Importing bot

You can import a bot and its dependencies from one environment to another.


To import a bot, the user role assigned to you must have the following permissions:
  • Import bots
  • Upload permission for the folders that contain the bots and its dependencies
To import a bot, do the following:


  1. Log in to the Control Room.
  2. Click My bots from the BOTS node on the left pane.
    The My bots screen appears.
  3. Click Import bots on the toolbar.
    The Import bot files screen appears.
    Note: You can import bots without having the AAE_ADMIN role. However, the dashboard related information will not be imported. To import dashboards, you need to have the AAE_ADMIN role assigned to you.
  4. Click Browse, to select the package that you want to import from the machine.
  5. Specify the password for the package in the Password field if a password is set for the package.
  6. Specify the action to be taken when the files in the imported package already exist in the Control Room.
    The following options are available:
    • Skip the file: Select this option if you want to skip the files that are available in the Control Room and import the remaining files.
    • Overwrite the file with the imported one: Select this option if you want to overwrite the existing files in the Control Room with the imported files.
    • Cancel the import: Select this option if you want to cancel the import operation if a file in the import package exists in the Control Room.
  7. Select an option to specify how to handle the production version of the bot if version control is enabled in the Control Room.
    The following options are available:
    • Keep production version as is currently set: Select this option if you do not have to change the current production version of the bot.
    • Set production version to imported version of file: Select this option if you want to change the production version to the version of the imported bot.
  8. Click Import.
    The Bot Imported Successfully message appears.

    All the imported dashboard should appear in the Bot Insight successfully.