Using session manager

Using the session manager must be the first action when automating a task in a Citrix environment.


Ensure that all the prerequisites mentioned in the Citrix Automation are met.

To connect to a new or existing Citrix session:


  1. Open and log in to Enterprise Client.
  2. Click New on the toolbar, and then select Workbench from the Automate dialog box.
  3. Double-click the Citrix Automation command.
    The Session Manager dialog box appears.
  4. Select an option to specify whether you want to create a new session or connect to an existing session. Following options are available:
    • Connect to an existing session
    • Connect to a new session
  5. Type a name in the Session Name field.
  6. Enter server and domain details in the Server and Domain field respectively.
  7. Enter the credentials to be used to establish the connection in the Username and Password fields, and then click Connect.
    The Citrix Viewer appears.
    Note: You can press F2 to use credential variables for enhanced security.