View a role

An administrator or a user with permission to view or manage role can access the View role page.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
  2. Select a role you want to view.
  3. Hover over the action menu (vertical ellipsis) and select View role option.

    Choose one of the following read-only options:

    • Features: List of features and permissions the role can access.
    • Bots: List of bots and supporting files the role can access.
    • Devices: List of devices the role can access.
    • Users: List of users having access to the respective role.
      Note: You must have the View user basic permission to view information about other users that are assigned the role.
    Note: A user with View and Manage Role permission can view all the roles. However, the user cannot view details of Admin and Locker Admin roles. If the user clicks the View role icon, the view page appears with an error.

    You can also edit a role from the view page, if you have edit role permission.